28 October 2012

A Bouquet of Blossoms

My four blossoms are Possum aged 4, Twinkle age 3, Sweetness age 22 months, and Handsome age 7 weeks.

The first three are 16 months apart. Sweetness and Handsome are 20 months apart.

We may add one more blossom to the bouquet.

Then and Now

My husband and I have been married since 1998.  Our first daughter, Possum was born 3 weeks after we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2008.

Rewind to when we met in June of 1996.  He, an American, and me an Aussie, met Down Under when he was travelling as an alumni with his college drama team.

We met, we fell in love, we married.  In a nut shell.  (It all started with a poem.)

we worked, we saved, we travelled.  This sums up our first six years of marriage. We heard of the "honeymoon" phase ending, but for six years we were in a honeymoon phase that never ended. We loved being together, and enjoyed each other's company so much. The first year of marriage out of these six was the most difficult, and thankfully, we survived it.

he followed his dream to act in Los Angeles.  We had a conversation one day, when we asked each other if we had any regrets. Husband said that he wished he had pursued professional acting. We talked about doing something about it- we didn't have children yet, and I was working fulltime. And thus, after six years of marriage, we began to spend more time apart than together. Thankfully, our marriage was solid, and Husband was loving, absolutely loving the acting thing.

he followed my dream to move to Australia. I felt I had settled in the U.S., but there was always a longing to go "home". We prayed about it, we fasted one day a week for six months, then we felt it was time. The ease of selling our home (never even going on the market), giving away our belongings and downsizing to 39 boxes to sail across the ocean, and closing the chapter of our first 9½ years of marriage here on the West coast of the U.S., seemed like it couldn't have gone any smoother.

we fell pregnant.  We had sold our home, and were house-sitting for seven weeks, before getting ready to set sail to Australia.  Essentially we had no home, no car, no jobs, and practically no country.  While this was not our timing, we were not caught off guard either. We hadn't been doing any prevention for two years, waiting to see if the Lord had children as part of our future. We had, however, decided that in January (6 months later) we would be more "intentional" about starting a family. While it was not perhaps believed to be optimum timing, we were not phased by this new adventure, knowing full well we could have fallen pregnant any time, and yet, here we were. We trusted God fully in His timing.

our plans changed and we were back in the United States.  So we set sail to Australia in July 2007, and surprised even ourselves by returning in December, just in time to spend Christmas with Husband's family. We agonised over our decision and spent more time in prayer than ever before in our married life over a matter. We saw God's hand in everything- getting us to go to Australia, the months we were there, and our deepening walk with the Lord while we sought His plan for our lives. Our greatest desire over anything we could ever want on earth was for me to be a stay-at-home mum, no matter what it meant. We were blessed with a "sabbatical" in the middle of our lives- who gets that gift from the Lord?

we became parents, now four times over. Possum arrived March 2008, Twinkle July 2009, Sweetness December 2010, and Handsome September 2012. This is such an exhilarating time for me, a dream come true. I have wanted to be a mum since I was as young as one can remember. I really love and cherish the days before me, hearing over and over from those who have lived it before me that the time goes fast. Each day is constant. And so far, I don't pine for these days to stay, but feel we are living a simple, and slow-paced life to enjoy it. We definitely thank God for that.

we began to re-learn about healthy soul food, healthy cleaning, healthy eating, and keeping our children healthy (God's Sovereignty, Shaklee, Paleo, Homeopathy) and began to embark on the journey of homeschooling.  This is where our blog begins.  Sharing what we are learning, and growing in our knowledge and wisdom of the best resources we have, to be the healthiest we can be.

This is our journey.  Care to journey with us as we learn?