08 December 2012

Christmas Countdown

This year I found a wonderful idea here that I decided to quickly throw together. Having four children, and one of them being an infant, it is challenging to put much time into anything... at least for me. I think about something for a time, and before I know it, the day is upon me-- leaving me feeling as though time came upon me faster than I had anticipated.

So while I *loved* this idea I knew ahead of time that I was not going to be very creative and fancy with it at all.  It was going to be the thought that counts. 

It is a Spouse Christmas Countdown.  I printed the free printable from the link above to make 24 cards, I wrote the days from 1 through 24 on the back and began to write something for each day.  It was either something that I love about my hubby, or something I would do for him, or something that we would do together with our children.  I hung up some ribbon that I bought last year from the Dollar Tree and pegged 24 cards.

Each morning sometime either before breakfast, during, or immediately as we finish I have him read the card.  While we haven't bought gifts for each other in a long time this was a perfect way for our children to see our love for each other.  I coincided the days to go along with certain things that I knew were more possible-- driving and looking at Christmas lights would happen on a Sunday night a lot easier than perhaps during the week.  A favourite meal for my hubby on a certain night.  A wrapped gift. Or just a compliment.

I'd like to take a little more time next year and make it a little more creative, and seeing as I have a year to prepare, one might incorrectly think that I will have ample time.  We will see.  I'd love this to become a loving tradition in our home as we countdown to celebrate Jesus' birth, and our children being witness to our love as husband and wife.

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